Monthly Archives: February 2016

Updated Animatic 2/19

Day by day we are getting a little bit closer to a finalized animatic. Just when we think we’re done, there is something else that needs a little tweaking. I guess that’s just the nature of story.


Final Animation Test

After 6 long months of creating the story, character designs, prop designs, storyboards, and animatic for our short film, we have FINALLY started animating. This week our goal was to pick a shot in the short and take it all the way from rough animation to clean-up & color. Of course there will be room for improvement and changes, but so far here is a sample of what our undergraduate thesis project “Failed to Send” will look like!

“Failed To Send” Animatic w/Sound

After a long hiatus from school due to Winter break, my group and I have continued where we left off and finally put together an animatic for our short film. Although it needs some work, we feel like we’ve come a long way since August of last year. The next steps we will take are: designing layouts for each of the shots, moving into rough animation of keys & breakdowns, and lastly, recruiting younger students to assist us with animating the in-betweens.

Shot #3 Sneak Peek

Here’s a little look at my upcoming shot! As you will soon see, I want to aim for cartoony animation with this one. Hope you enjoy!


Beauty Frame

Thanks to my groupmate Jon Mandel, we have a sample of what our final film will look like. Well, this is the plan anyway. The characters, props and background assets will all be filled with a solid color (no outlines);¬†and the background will be an abstract design of color (brown may not necessarily be the final choice). I’m excited to complete this short film and see how closely we can make it look like the beauty frame below.